Wyma is a manufacturer of the highest quality storage equipment on the market. Its product wide range of high-quality equipments suitable for all elements of cleaning and processing root vegetables.
Wyma equipment plays such a significant role in the market that it can be found in all major participant in the vegetable processing industry.
This is due to the manufacturer’s innovative solutions and premium quality manufacturing technology.

General Description

List of machines by category

Cleaning: Barrel Washer,  Polisher, Peeler, Water Recycling System, Destoner
Sizing: Roller Sizer, Length Sizer, Diameter Sizer, Inspection Table
Logistics: Bin Tipper, Wet Hopper, Dry Hopper, Bin Filler, Conveyors, Wet Chutes
Cooling:  Hydro-Cooler
Drying: Drying Rollers, Drying Tunnel
Waste Removal: Hedgehog, Piece Remover

Wyma equipment is primarily installed as a unit of specific lines, but all equipment can also be operated as a stand-alone machine. Contact our colleagues for more information and to customize the machines.