Nobels’ Dutch-made carrot harvesters provide excellent work quality and reliable operation in all working conditions.

Thanks to the right weight distribution, these machines can also be operated excellently with smaller power tractors. During use, the operator has a perfect view of the entire machine from any position, which greatly contributes to achieving complete comfort while working.

Depending on soil quality, series 3 and 5 are distinguished from each other. Basically, the models in both series can be individually customized, taking into account the characteristics of the working conditions down to the smallest detail.

General description

Avaiable models: 3.15, 3.18, 5.18

Gauge (track-to-track):  1500-1800 mm
Length: 7966-8740 mm
Width:  2200-2800 mm
Height: 2300-2770 mm
Width of application belt: 1200-1500 mm
Separator cylinders: 12 pc. (star profile)

The technical parameters differ from model to model. Contact our colleagues for more information and to customize the machines.